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Resistance was Futile

by danielgutierrez on June 28th, 2011

High fever.

Broken vehicle.

Retreat center that burst a water main.

The relative of our host that passed away.

And a church leader who split the church because he believes grace is heresy.

The saga was enough to fill months with clean up. And yet it all came together the week leading up to our first Grace Retreat. We knew the step to begin these retreats was going to be huge for our church, we just did not expect the amount of resistance we were up against.

The 19 people who joined us for the weekend spent 2 nights and 1 day at the top of a mountain without running water, and they came down having had an encounter with the simple, game-changing, empowering message of the Gospel. Our goal was for every person who came to have such a clear understanding of the first step God took to prove his love, that they could not but helplessly fall in love with Jesus.

It was meant to be a rendezvous with the Lover of their soul.

And for all the resistance leading up to and during the weekend, we were able to witness it happen. The crystal clear message of hope, grace, and salvation came alive.

Our first Grace Retreat has sparked something awesome in our church. And we are now excitedly planning the next one.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

- Jesus (in John 10:10)

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  1. manuel permalink

    I was there!

  2. tim permalink


  3. More "heresy," please!

    • Danielgutierrez permalink

      hahaha! You should start making some serious plans to come help me teach at one. We're planning a grace retreat a month. Perhaps next year?

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